Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well That's Random

You're at your high school pep rally waiting for some modern-day Fonz to hilariously break it up with some hijinks like throwing the thumbs up or jumping a shark when Will Smith and Tony Romo show up.
The screams were ear-splitting when movie star Will Smith and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo entered the Lake Highlands gynasium for a surprise pep rally visit.

The pep rally was for the school's state-bound volleyball team and bi-district champion football team, but Smith stopped by during his swing through Dallas promoting his new movie, "Seven Pounds." The star said it was his first visit to a high school in years.

We're not sure why Romo was tagging along, but none of the stunned students were complaining. They were too busy screaming and snapping pictures.
Nice to see Romo getting love from the Dallas papers although it's easy to see why they'd question his presence. Questions about him being with Will Smith have to be asked when he rolls with D-listers who play county fairs like Jessica Simpson.

Both gave "up with hope, down with dope"-type speeches. Smith talked about having goals and stuff while Romo spoke about his improbable rise to Dallas Cowboys starter. I think they ended the appearance with a jumping high five.

The picture above is from the pep rally. It has a Zapruder-ish quality to it. It's difficult to tell whether that's the Fresh Prince or not. It could be Benson for all we know.


Anonymous said...

Based on the reaction of the students as stated in the article versus the reaction of the students in the background of this picture, I would say the novelty of the two visitors quickly faded. By the way, there was no reason to take a cheap shot at Jessica Simpson. It did nothing for the story except make the author look petty.

Anonymous said...

Anon -- That is exactly the reason to take a cheap shot at Jessica Simpson, and everyone else mentioned on this blog. Pettiness is hilarious. As a matter of fact, pettiness is kinda the point of this blog. There's nothing better than cheap shots that are kind true, that lead to me laughing at people.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

couldnt have said it better myself

Anonymous said...