Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miss Practice? That's a 90mph Fastball Beatin.

Bevill State Community College coach Ed Langham allegedly has unique methods of discipline. He is accused of making one of his players who missed practice (and lied about his reasons for missing practice) put on a catchers mask and chest plate and take hits from balls fired at him from a pitching machine. Talk about punishment fitting the crime, Jesus. I wonder, if one of his players commit an error during a game does Coach Langham waterboard them? Maybe if someone dares to miss a game he just starts pulling their toenails out.

The student, frosh Shawn Rider, called police about the incident the day it happened, but two weeks have gone by and he hasn't followed up or provided evidence of any injuries. He clammed up pretty quick there, huh? I am thinkin he knows what he gets if he steps out of line! Yea thats right, more 90mph chest balls boy! YOU WATCH WHO YOU'RE TALKIN TO SON!

Its still up to Shawn if he wants to continue the case, its currently an investigation and he has not filed any complaints with the school either. So for now, the coach is scott free...grease up the pitchin machine.

Via USA Today

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