Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: A Step Above Pacman Jones

Talk about ignant. For once, we're not talking about Pacman. We talkin' Floyd "Money" Mayweather, playboy. The temporarily retired boxer learned one or two things from the clusterfuck that was Black Super Bowl weekend in Vegas when Pacman and his crew shot up the club when making it rain went wrong.

Sandra Rose has footage of Mayweather making it rain in an Atlanta nightclub. "Floyd Mayweather emptied two Louis Vuitton bags full of cash into the crowd at a packed Dreamz nightclub in Atlanta last night. The IRS estimates about $30,000 was thrown."

At least Money knew better than to carry the bills in garbage bags. Fortunately for the ladies, no one's head was bounced off the stage. He was scheduled to drop $100K with Lil' Jermaine Dupri the following night at Pure. He did his part by raining $50,000 on the crowd. Unfortunately we don't have video of that.

Question. Did the Price is Right start the whole making it rain phenomenon?

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