Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jordan Schools Old Rich Guys

I imagine that if you have as much money as these guys probably do, you too can hire Michael Jordan to come to a gym and school your ass in some one-on-one. It appears as if John Rogers, CEO of Ariel Investments, does have a slight bit of game however...and by game I mean he can actually make an uncontested layup. I just get the feeling here that Jordan is just playing the side-show freak role. This cannot be fun for him, seems like he's just whoring himself out for more cash to go out with Oak in Vegas. Kind of sad what Jordan has become.


stetsports.com said...

Jordan looks pretty slim in that video. Was that recent?

Chimpanzee Rage said...

The video was just put up on the Wall St. Journal, but there was no timestamp on the actual video, so I'm not sure when they obtained it actually. That is a good question though, maybe he's slimming down by playing corporate execs?