Friday, November 21, 2008

American Tomato Can Disgraces Homeland In Europe

Monte Barrett assumes the position.

Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett should have his passport taken away like he's out on bail. We can't have boxers traveling abroad and embarrassing us. Midwestern tourists already have that covered. He may be 34-7 with 20 knockouts but he's got a whole lotta nuthin' when it comes to fighting ranked boxers. He valiantly served as a punching bag for fighters such as Wladmir Klitschko, Joe Mesi, Hasim Rahman and boar killa Nikolay Valuev who eats three kilos of meat a day.

Two Gunz traveled to London to fight David "The Hayemaker" Haye at the O2 Arena and hilarity ensued in more ways than one. The fight hadn't started before he started making a fool of himself and his country. First the one of the greatest ring entrances of all time.

Does that count as a knockdown? Barrett's amazing entrance was a sign of things to come. If you count the ring entrance, he went down six times before realizing that he should probably stay down like a $2 whore.

The clip is almost 10 minutes but it's worth watching for Barrett's windmill style. It's surprising that he didn't close his eyes like a kid on the playground when he was throwing all those wild punches. You have to appreciate a man who's willing to do whatever it takes to win. Punching Haye after a slip at 2:30 in the 5th was cold but Revenge was not long in coming.

It wasn't a good week for American boxers vs. the British. Maybe we should stick to fighting the Mexicans and Irish. Speaking of Mexicans, I just found out that Manny Pacquiao is nicknamed the Mexican Killer. Now that's a man after Lou Dobbs' heart.

Video from The Guardian

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Anonymous said...

thanks! great fight, though my alltime fave is still Hagler-Hearns....