Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Barry Bonds Will Bust A Cap In Your Wildlife Carbon Barrel Style

Barry Bonds isn't too radioactive for everyone. He's still good enough to drop Canadian Whitetail and sell guns for Christensen Arms which specializes in carbon barreled rifles. The company has also been "a bright star in the onslaught of outdoor television programming". Rifles will certainly help with any onslaught.

I don't get the big deal about hunting but I've never done it. Bonds says the hunt "gets his blood pumping". I know what else gets his blood pumping. Poetry. He hearts it. What did you think I was going to say?

Bonds is actually an avid hunter.
When a federal grand jury in San Francisco indicted Bonds last year on perjury and obstruction of justice charges for allegedly lying about steroids use, Bonds wasn't around - he was off hunting in Colorado.
Hopefully we'll get footage of him doing some big game hunting in Africa. Maybe I should approach Christensen with my idea for big game skeet shooting. Imagine being in Tanganyika or Rhodesia and shooting at elephants, rhinos and other large mammals shot out of a cannon while yelling "Pull!" and wearing a pith helmet. It doesn't get much better than that, old man.

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