Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No...There Is Another

Oh dear God, I thought that after this season, possibly next, that the football world would finally be done with all things Favre. Apparently, I was mistaken. There is another Favre and he's come on strong in high school football. St. Stanislaus (Miss.) quarterback Dylan Favre is the nephew of Brett Favre and he just had a game where he went 23 of 35 for 358 yards with five touchdowns all while setting the state single season touchdown record at 43 touchdowns. Crap, the kid is good.

Does he compare to his uncle? Yup.
"He's a pretty special athlete," St. Stanislaus coach Forrest Williams said.

"Somebody is going to get a heck of a quarterback," Williams said. "He definitely has touch. He's very mobile in the pocket. We can move the pocket or he can sit in the pocket and make any of the throws he wants to. He has a great arm, a good release, a lot of touch and good vision."

Double crap. The kid is just a junior, which means the media storm surrounding this kid can only begin to get bigger. He'll surely go to a school with a big college program, get drafted, and suddenly this whole Favre love fest will start all over again. Maybe he can steal the job out from under Aaron Rodgers like his uncle tried to do this season. Ya know, finish the job that his elder started. Yea, that would be great. Dammit. All we need now is a clone of Madden and Peter King to fawn over him and the circle will be complete.

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