Friday, November 14, 2008

The Raiders Should Be Very Interested In Shane Morales

Shane Morales, Orgeon State's "best possession receiver" (Palin shoutout to TO and Keyshawn), won't be playing this weekend against Cal due to an injured hip. He injured the hip during a goalpost dunking contest.
Morales was not thrilled to be cornered by media. He said it wasn't exactly a dunking "contest.'' ... "I think it was just me against the goalpost, and the goalpost won,'' he said.

He said it was something he "does all the time.'' Except the other times, he didn't injure himself. "I didn't think it was that bad (at first),'' said Morales. "It just hurt.''
I remember when I was applying to schools. I called the University of Oregon with a question. The receptionist answered the phone and said, "University of Oregon. Quack, quack!" I hung up and crossed Orgeon off my list. Oh wait, Morales goes Oregon State. Never mind.

Morales sounds like someone Al Davis would want on his team. "Willing to go up against immovable objects? That's moxy, Cable! See? Sounds like a player we should have, see. If he has a haircut I can set my watch to, let's move up in the draft and get this Morales kid, Cable. That reminds me. Did I ever tell you about spending time with Francisco Franco? Now there's a guy you could trust. Facists are men of their word, see. Not like that bastard Kiffin."

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