Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Firebomb

Who knew mounted bullfighting was so gangsta? You know it's serious when Colombian assassins are being imported to deal with the competition. How long until we see horses killed with Colombian Neckties? It's like when Sosa sent Alberto and his crew to New York to finish off that anti-Bolivian goverment crusader except there's no kind-hearted Tony Montana to call off the kill.

Three mounted matadors are on trial in Spain for hiring Colombian hitmen to burn a dozen horses of a rival bullfighter. One problem. The assassins bombed the wrong horses. Fine. I suppose it's a problem that they bombed the horses in the first place. Anyway, they firebombed a dozen horses killing six and severely burning the others. Too bad the horses belonged to someone else. They intended to kill the horses of fighter Sergio Galan but ended up getting the horses of the Domecq family.
...The Colombians - whose whereabouts remain unknown - mistakenly targeted those belonging to Luis and Antonio Domecq, who had taken part in a bullfight with Mr Galan at Las Ventas in Madrid, the court in Toledo was told.

When they set off for home, the hitmen followed the Domecqs' horseboxes and pushed two petrol bombs through their windows in the car park of a roadside restaurant in Ocana, the court heard.
The Domecq family is requesting three years imprisonment and compensation for the horses. If you can't trust a Colombian to do an assassination right, who can you trust? It really is hard to find good help.

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