Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A-Rod's Got Woman Problems

Who ya got? Daily News or the Post? It's ragtime at the Deuce. Which one do you believe and which one of his ladies is on the rag?

The Daily News is reporting that A-Rod's in danger of getting kicked to the curb because he's not interested in becoming a super Jew. Skeletor's pissed because he blew off an introductory Kabbalah class.
"This is certainly off-putting to Madonna," said the source.
If he had any sense, he'd run before it was too late. However if you listen to the Post, the only thing he's running away from are his kids.

Page Six reports (and we use the term lightly) that A-Rod is blowing off his kids to spend Thanksgiving with Skeletor and her horde. He's hosting her and her kids at his place. When reached for comment, Travis Henry asked, "What the problem is?". Needless to say, his ex Cynthia is pissed.

To be a fly on the wall when Madonna throws the turkey at him for not being Kabbalah-approved and calls him a soft-ass bitch while she's railing him like a champ. It's not good to cry in front of the kids. They'll never respect him. Hopefully he'll invite Menudo to the dinner as well. Wait until they get the roofie turkey.

I was going to write more but I'm already bored with this story. I can only imagine what all five readers are thinking.

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AmyJean said...

I used to talk a lot of sh** about Arod just being a yank (not a yanks fan - engaged to a yanks fan)... but this just gives me so much more ammo - I love it! What a douche!