Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Bacon-Wrapped Turducken Day, Baby

Hopefully you're in a food coma or drinking yourself into Bolivian. We weren't going to post anything until Monday but our visual palates need to be cleansed after that disaster of a halftime show imposed on us during the Seahawks-Cowboys game by the NFL. Blind rage barely begins to describe the feeling running through me as I watched a bunch of screaming girls cheer on the Jonas Brothers. This is how post office and factory shootings start. I couldn't find the remote so I started hoping that my face would melt like Toht's in Raiders of the Lost Ark. No such luck. I was left shaking my fist with impotent rage. Not that I'm impotent, ladies. I'm all man. Please believe me!

You, my friend, could use some fun after the unpleasantness. Big fun. This video brilliance should help you start coping with what took place this afternoon at Texas Stadium. Don't forget it. Never forget it. Santayana was right. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. There are so many reasons why this video is amazing. Try Telly Savalas, smoking and Howard Cosell for starters.

For the hundredth time, someone needs to put us on to where we can get some Players Club cards.

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