Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Did Universidad de Chile Sign Homer Simpson?

It's official. Chilean football has turned into a Simpsons gag. It's probably too soon to reference Nordberg. The last thing we need is Fred Goldman on our ass for royalties. There's no way I'm selling Chimp up the river for anything less than a night in the David Carradine Suite at the Bangkok Hilton.

Universidad de Chile striker Juan Manuel Olivera was knocked out cold during a match against O'Higgins** last week. Start at :38.

John Terry wasn't impressed until he learned that Olivera was taken away by an ambulance that pulled a Homer Simpson and got into an accident with another vehicle. He regained consciousness on the way to the hospital but had to wait two hours for a replacement ambulance. At least the U de Chile team doctor had his back.
"It was a tragicomic situation," team doctor Patrico Delgado told Radio Cooperativa.
It's good to know Chilean replacement ambulances work on the same schedule as replacement Chinatown buses. They probably have the same homeless person/piss smell as Eastern buses. Hopefully Olivera got a 40 and some rest stop Burger Rey while he was swallowing his tongue and waiting for "help".

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