Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Least Michael Phelps Hasn't Done This

Former elite Australian national swimmer Simon Partridge has retired from swimming at 21 and has decided to "let his hair down". Apparently this includes dropping trou to show off a G-string with a donkey face right over his goods to his friends while on a train. That incident offended the other passengers a bit and got him arrested and fined over a thousand dollars for his discretion. Best thing about his crime? He had just gotten arrested 4 days earlier and was out on bond.

So, for as much flack as Michael Phelps has gotten in the past year...i mean, least he hasnt done this? Although, you can't fault a man for wanting to rock a donkey g string. Who hasn't felt the allure of wanting to wear a thin pair of g stringed undergarments with an animal on ? Am I right or am I right? Wait...I'm not right. Damn.

From Illawarra Mercury

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Dr. Oracle said...

So is this guy hoping that Johnny Knoxville is following his antics so he can join the Jackass crew in his retirement years? Somebody needs to clue the guy in that the show has been out of production for a few years now.