Wednesday, September 23, 2009

El Hadji Diouf's S**t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!

It's hard to feel sorry for El Hadji Diouf. The Blackburn striker and serial spitter is in trouble again but this time, it's racialist. He's being investigated by the police and FA after allegations surfaced that he racially abused a ball boy during a match against Everton. It's alleged that he said, "Fuck off, white boy" because the kid didn't give him a ball fast enough.

Diouf denies the allegations and claims that Everton supporters threw bananas at him. That's a massive charge as it brings up memories of John Barnes' struggles in the 80s as one of the first black players in the league. He faced a barrage of racial abuse which including having bananas thrown at him.
Speaking to Radio Monte Carlo, Diouf said: "The ball went out and I wanted to take the throw in quickly.

"The ball-boy threw the ball at me like a bone to a dog.

"The assistant referee told me he saw it but we had to continue and we would look at it at half-time.

"What's more people threw bananas at me. The fourth official said he would make a report to the police.

"I didn't say anything so that people couldn't say 'It's El Hadji Diouf again'.
The Everton brass are furious with Diouf's statements. No banana-related evidence was found where Diouf claimed he was attacked and no evidence of banana tossing was picked up by TV cameras or photographers. Obviously Everton should face serious sanctions should his claims be proven. However that appears unlikely. It seems more likely that it's El Hadji Diouf again. If we're wrong, we'll apologize.

This isn't the first time Diouf has been the center of controversy. He's well known for spitting on fans and opposing players in addition to being an all-around jackass. Abusing a ball boy for being slow to return a ball is way out of line. It's almost part of the game. There has only been one documented case where verbally or physically beating a ball boy has been acceptable.

No questions asked.

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