Friday, September 4, 2009

49ers Jed York is Like Bizzaro Dan Snyder

I was reading this article in the San Francisco Sentinel about the 49ers owner and president Jed York and realized that this man is pretty much the opposite of Dan Snyder, owner of my favorite team the Washington Redskins. Lets highlight the differences shall we?

1) York thinks the 2 most important things about the franchise are the players and the fans. Snyder on the other hand takes all of his fans for granted and nickle and dimes them for every last cent so that he can dump players that he used to like, but now doesnt for new players that he will overpay and love for a couple years, then unceremoniously dump like so many before them.

2) York has a general manager, Snyder has Vinnie Cerrato.

3) York says inspirational things like this:
“I am here by six every morning and stay until late at night,” he states, “because it’s not my team. It’s not my family’s team. It’s our fans’ team. Because if they are not supporting us, if they don’t believe in what we are doing, then our team doesn’t exist.”

Meanwhile Dan Snyder wont even talk to the media so we really dont have to many quotes from him, but i am thinking he works quite hard reading and finding out which fantasy star is in a contract year so he can acquire them for his real life roto-league. Its either that or he just uses the Madden Rankings as his guide. In either case, its not the fan's team...its DAN's TEAM. Proof in point, he sells tickets to scalpers before the fans (denying knowledge of doing so) and sues grandmothers into bankruptcy who cannot afford to purchase tickets anymore. It's all about the fans, right? Don't even get me started on the parking and tailgating garbage...

4) Jed took 4 years prior assuming his current position to learn the ins and out of his organization, providing him with a base of knowledge about being around a professional football team that is only acquired by being a part of it:

He came onboard as special projects manager, where his duties gave him a new perspective about what it takes to make a stadium work. “I literally started down in the equipment room, learning how to sew jerseys, washing and folding clothes, putting them back in the lockers-things like that,” he recalls. “I was working in the training room, figuring out how to tie ice bags. I got a chance to work with really everybody.”

The experience allowed him to build a base of contemporaries throughout the stadium. Walking through the halls of the team’s practice facility with Jed is like touring a college campus with a cool kid; he high-fives with trainers, chats with the janitorial staff, and talks smack with the players-many of whom are older than he is.

Danny bought the team with no football experience, in any capacity, at any level...and immediately starting making moves that have forever damaged the team, all while ruling the team with an iron fist clenched so tight, only the people he pays the most ever get to chill with the Danny.

So, in a nutshell, Jed York is the second coming of Jesus Christ, while Dan Snyder might as well be Satan incarnate...and yet, i still love the Redskins. Thankfully one can root for the players, coaches, uniform and history without having to cheer for the front office.

From San Francisco Sentinel

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The Real Howard S said...

Jed York is a man who has learned a lot from his uncle's successes (and his parents' failures). So is John Kent Cooke a man who had his father to look to as a good example. Is it possible that he could put together a syndicate to purchase the team from Snyder. And if not Cooke, than ANYBODY ELSE? Even Donald Trump, Marion Barry or Dick Cheney?