Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago Baseball Is The Definition Of Irony

Ozzie Guillen wants you to be honest. Anyone of us would be crushed if we got dumped by someone on Full House. You might not go full meth head like Stephanie Tanner but you might dip a bit heavy into the sauce. Whatever you do, it's not ironic despite what Alanis Morrisette might say especially when it comes to Dave Coulier. Chicago pickup baseball may not have sold as many albums as You Can't Do That On Television but it knows the definition of irony.

A stop the violence baseball game went wrong when a player busted a cap in his coach's ass after an altercation in the dugout.
The shooting happened during the second game of the day for the Cardinals after the gunman became upset with Hall for pulling him from the game, the Cardinals' captain told WGN-Ch. 9.

The captain, a 23-year-old man who did not want his name revealed, told the station the player tried picking a fight with the coach in the dugout until the captain intervened and kicked the player out.

The player retrieved a semiautomatic handgun, returned to the field and chased after the coach, firing repeatedly. At one point, the player stopped to reload his gun, said the captain.

Hall appeared to have been hit twice, in an arm and in the back, the captain said. When Hall fell to ground, it appeared the player wanted to continue firing at him, but he had run out of bullets, the captain said.
Why does everything go wrong when a coach tells a player to sit his five dollar ass down before he makes change? Don't nobody know nuthin? What up with this? What's this world coming to if a stop the violence game kicks off some violence. Next thing you know the West Coast All Stars will be rapping about stopping the violence. Oh wait..

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