Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ugh. Just what the world needed was another ass-clown athlete sharing their unfiltered, ungrateful, bullshit with the world. I am referring to Robert Henson, a LB for the Redskins who insulted his own fans on his twitter page calling them "dim-wits" and "fake-hearted Skins fans." He then had the cajones to do this while bragging about how much money he makes "tweeting" that he makes more than them in a year and insulting those who dare work at McDonalds. What kind of star is this you ask? How many pro bowls has he attended? How many rings does he have? NONE! This ass-clown is a rookie who rides the bench and didn't play a single second of the game that started his temper-tantrum in the first place! He was pissed the fans booed at the end of the Rams game when the Skins couldn't score a single TD. Someone needs to school this dude and let him know that the Skins have the longest waiting list for season tickets in the NFL. He keeps opening his fat mouth and he'll be the one working at McDonalds. Douchebag.

Secondly, I am in the elevator at work today talking to a co-worker about my horrible fantasy team. Some ass-clown stranger in the back of the elevator hears this and believes it is his duty to spew fantasy advice as if I am a damsel in distress. This would be fine and dandy if first, he wasn't doing it because I am a chick and he felt the need to assume I don't know what I'm talking about or, if second, he was actually giving me useful information. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Yeah, I know I started Tom Brady at points there this week.

Ass-Clown: Who else is on your team?

Me: I list my players which include Joe Flacco and others

Ass-Clown: I say after Brady lights it up this weekend against my beloved Jets, you sell high on him and bring back a #1 WR and a #2 running back.

Me: (I don't know whether or not tell him that his "beloved" Jets already won this game or to just laugh it off) Uhhh, yeah great would have been better if you gave me this advice last week though. (I figured I would just let him think on this a while).


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Anthony said... dont seem like a damsel in distress.

Youre more like a "i can sense an ass-clown from a mile a way" kind of ....uh...damsel. . .