Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is There Anything In Australia That Won't Kick Your Arse?

The list of Australian people and animals I'm willing to fight keeps getting smaller by the minute. If you go on the YouTubes, you can find video of every native Australian species fighting from koalas to wallabies. Getting punched by one wallaby while the other tries to proper fuck you? No thanks. I'll pass. Maybe I'd consider a wombat reacharound but that's it. My last hope was the children in spite of watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. So much for that.

An under-16 rugby league grand final ended in a massive brawl. The game between Blacktown City and Lower Mountains ended in chaos when several fights broke out between the teams. The worst left one player with a broken eye socket and nose.
"About 11am (AEST) ... the under 16s match in Penrith stadium was almost finished when, after a try was scored, it's alleged numerous players set upon a member of the opposition," police said in a statement.

"This resulted in players from both sides involved in various incidents."

The footage shows one teenager being punched to the ground before he is repeatedly kicked in the head and body, one of his attackers then running to another nearby scuffle to throw more punches.
Footage of the fight can be seen here. Needless to say, severe penalties were handed out. One Blacktown City player was banned from playing rugby for 20 years. His teammate was banned for five years while another is finished for two. Reports have some Blacktown City parents high-fiving their children as they came off the field.

In case you think this is an isolated incident involving Blacktown City, check this:
The brawl is the third violent incident involving teams from the Blacktown City junior rugby league club this season.

In July, two men were charged after an assault in a carpark following an under-12s game.

A Blacktown supporter also allegedly grabbed a 13-year-old player from Katoomba on the neck on the same weekend.
How have no Blacktown players or supporters been sentenced to a booting? Anarchy I tells ya.

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