Thursday, September 17, 2009

If The Jewish Jordan Retires in Israel, Does Anyone Care?

Tamir Goodman, aka "The Jewish Jordan", has retired from professional basketball in the Israeli pro leagues at age 27. I remember hearing about the Goodman when he was rumored to be headed to UMD to play for the Terps in the ACC, coming from the tiny Talmudical Academy and scoring a Jordan like 34 points a game.

Ultimately his religion clashed with Maryland's program and he ended up going to Towson, sucking, leaving the time in a dispute with coaches and ending up playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv where he barely played due to injuries.

Now that all that has been said...anyone actually care? It was an interesting story like 10 years ago...but now...when does an Iraeli basketball player retirement warrant any news coverage whatsoever? He never played in the NBA, never played meaningful college basketball, and didn't really play that much in why on earth do we care about a basketball player that was in his prime in high school? I mean, dont most of us know someone like that? I don't see any ESPN stories about them. Weird.


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