Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lightning Isn't So Funny When It's Not On Caddyshack

The story of Danish footballer Jonathan Richter has taken a turn for the worse with the news that his lower leg was amputated after being struck by lightning during a friendly six weeks ago.

The strike that hit the FC Nordsjaelland player was so powerful that it knocked five or six other players to the ground. Medics managed to restart his heart but decided to place him into a medically induced coma to aid his recovery. Unfortunately it wasn't enough as doctors, along with Richter, decided the damage to his leg was too severe to save it.
A message on the club's website yesterday read: "Jonathan's progress means a lot to the Richter family, friends and all involved with FC Nordsjaelland, but the family now request that all continue to respect the peace that Jonathan needs in the future as he faces tough rehabilitation."
There isn't any footage of the Richter strike but check this footage from a match in South Africa.

Keep in mind the lightning hit the wet ground as opposed to a person. According to police, Richter suffered a direct hit to the head or chest. We're surprised that the lightning didn't give him superpowers like Black Lightning. Losing a lower leg is a small price to pay for the ability to give a Super Shocker to the ladies. Wait until they get a taste of his Reverse Shocker.

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Anonymous said...

was that his kicking leg?