Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First You Tell Me Dalton's Dead And Now Saskatchewan Isn't The Crotch Of Canada?

Come for Mo the Dinosaur! Stay for the racism!

Everyone needs to chill out about Patrick Swayze. Whoopi Goldberg can still speak for him. She'll still annoy you until the point of suicide and she still hasn't apologized for forcing that piece of shit Eddie on America but it's our only option. One can only hope that Jimmy didn't fuck guys like her in prison. Two Whoopi disses in one day? You betcha!

People also need to chill in America Jr. The CFL may be the slow stepchild of the NFL but they can talk shit with the best of them albeit with less cursing. Saskatchwanians (or whatever they're called) are worked up in an Eskimo sweat about Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Mike Kelly calling the province "the crotch of Canada".
“We kind of raided the toothless, green, watermelon-helmet-wearing people from the crotch of Canada,” Kelly said in response to the Blue Bombers’ raid of players from the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos.
Kelly eventually backed up and semi-apologized for his comments. Now I've never been to Winnipeg or Saskatchewan (and don't plan on it) but isn't someone from Winnipeg calling Saskatchewan a crotch similar to someone from Camden, NJ calling Gary, IN a crotch? It's a good thing Saskatchewan's football team is named after a brand of condoms. No better way to protect that crotch than using some Rough Riders.

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