Friday, September 25, 2009

Apparently Plaxico Does Not Mean Peace on Rikers Island

Jets fans get no respect when it comes to the Giants. The Deuce attended last night's Muse/U2 show at Giants Stadium. Excellent by the way. Bono gave a farewell to the stadium and a shout out to the Giants but not the Jets. Needless to say, Jets fans in the crowd were not pleased. It could be worse. Any of them could be a Giants player on Rikers Island.

Plaxico Burress didn't quite get a welcoming reception upon his arrival on Rikers Island. Being asked to spread your buttcheeks and give two big coughs is bad enough. He was also subjected to heckling and boos by his fellow inmates.
Plaxico Burress got a zero's welcome behind bars at Rikers Island, including taunts of "a - - hole!" and "The Giants suck!" according to jail guards.

"He was depressed," said one guard from Rikers, where the former Giants superstar spent his first-ever night behind bars. "He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him."
It's gonna be a long 20 months.

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