Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Utah Flash Would Like To Give Bryon Russell One Last Chance To Get His Feelings Hurt

Hasn't Byron Russell had enough? Michael Jordan already took his heart during Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. Does he want to give up a kidney along with his dignity? He could get $10,000 from a Mumbai alley clinic and keep his dignity. Well, probably not.

Russell didn't take too kindly to being called out by Michael Jordan during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.
"I'll play his ass right now," former Jazz player Bryon Russell told Yahoo! Sports. "This is a call-out for him to come play me. He can come out here in his private jet and come play. He's got millions of dollars. He can pay for the jet. He can meet me at the Recreation Center in Calabasas (Calif.)."
Russell may get his wish if he and Jordan accept Utah Flash owner Brandt Anderson's offer to donate $100,000 to a charity of the winner's choice if they play a game of 21. What could be better than getting schooled in the same place you got schooled 11 years ago? They could make it a 1998 Finals class reunion. Someone call Greg Foster out from behind the counter at Joseph Smith's Rice Cakes and Skim Milk! Scottie Pippen can take his place. He needs the money. Hopefully Troy Hudson can take some time off from Nutty Boyz Entertainment to come out for the weekend.

It ain't easy going brass in the record business. Selling 78 T-Hud albums out the trunk is hard work.

This idea could start a trend of goats attempting to get revenge for past wrongs. Craig Ehlo and Frederic Weis must be itching for a chance to repair their reputations after getting posterized. I'm still waiting for my rematch against Oliver Miller. No fucking way he can eat more Shetland ponies than me this time!

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