Friday, September 18, 2009

How Laser Tag Could Have Taken Over The World

Watch this commercial. Just watch it. You will see the perfect blueprint for the world domination of Laser Tag as a sport.

I mean, how much ass kicking can one sport have? Its got aspects from roller derby, skateboarding, motocross, paintball, gladiator battles, running man and more all crammed into one. No idea how someone hasn't taken this commercial and turned it into something that you know you would watch and even pay money for.

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- said...

If we were able to find a former Soviet Bloc country or perhaps a former member of the Warsaw PAC who has yet ascended to NATO and still trying to figure out the rules of capitalism but just can't quite get their heads above the financial waters we may have a chance. Of course we would most likely have to pay off local officials and there be a few casualties along the way but all in all I see potential profit growth here with the chance to expand into a franchise, and of course the merchandising! The "Hey Rookie" T-shirts alone would fly off the shelves.