Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Does Oscar Pistorius Have In Common With Def Leppard's Rick Allen?

What is it with amputees and domestic abuse these days? Some of these cats are overdoing it with the rageahol. It seems like only yesterday that Def Leppard's Rick Allen was nailed for spousal abuse at LAX. That made no sense. Why didn't his wife just run in clockwise circles around him to avoid the beatdown? I'm not saying she was asking for it but it seems easy enough to get away from a one-armed beatdown. You and me, girl. Hey hey!

One can see the difficulty in getting away from sprinter Oscar Pistorius. He may have no legs but he does have both arms. He was charged with assault for an incident that allegedly took place during a party he was hosting at his Pretoria house.
Pistorius, 22, said in a statement that he asked the woman to leave the party. Unhappy with this, she began kicking the door which broke, injuring her.

"I categorically deny that I in any way assaulted," the woman, Pistorius said.
Ah the old door attack defense. If they get the jump on you, they can do some real damage just like a wall running into your face multiple times. We kid, we kid. Presumed innocent until guilty. It's not like we're talkin' bout France. Ragin' amputees and hermaphrodites. It's just another week in South African track and field.

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