Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zab Judah Guarantees His Next Defeat

Zab Judah doesn't know when to let his fists do the talking for him. Now he's going to look like a part-time sucka and lose $100, 000 in the process.

The increasingly infuriating Judah has challenged Sugar Shane Mosley to put his money where Judah's mouth is and bet $100, 000 on who will win their upcoming fight on May 31.
"That's free money," the 30-year-old Judah said Monday at a news conference to publicize the fight. "If he's so confident and so much in shape, then why didn't he take it? The last time I put a $100,000 bet on the table was against Corey Spinks. What did I do? I knocked him out."
Apparently Judah doesn't remember what happened to him when he fought Kostya Tszyu. He ended up taking on the ref because he was the only guy in the ring he had a chance of beating. Tszyu wrecked him in the second round of that fight. Mosley and Tszyu are no Corey Spinks.

Judah has to be one of the most frustrating fighters in recent history. He undoubtedly has the talent to be one of the best but he'd rather party and talk shit than work. That will be his undoing and he'll end up sliding into the large group of boxers filed under "Who the hell was the guy?" despite rolling with H.O.V.A.

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