Friday, March 21, 2008

What You Know Bout Practice?

The good news is that no one on the Bengals has gone to jail yet. Don't hold us to that. That's since two minutes ago. The bad news is that not only does Ocho Cinco want out but T.J. Houshmandzadeh is skipping the voluntary conditioning program as well. reports that TJ is skipping the workouts for "many of the same reasons Johnson is not attending". The reasons include being underpaid and not being paid enough.
Houshmandzadeh is in the final year of four-year contract that is scheduled to pay him a base salary of $2.525 million. He failed to show up to the Bengals' offseason conditioning program last season and, without a new deal before this year’s offseason conditioning program, Houshmandzadeh is not about to attend now. It is the reason he is not expected Monday or anytime shortly thereafter.
The article also notes that TJ is in the last year of his contract unlike Cinco who still has three years left. It would seem that the Bengals have to make a decision on TJ before Cinco. That'll definitely sit well with Cinco.

Speak of the devil, Cinco just appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly but didn't say anything about a potential holdout. Leave it to the douchebag and not ask the important questions. Before you ask, I lost the remote and I'm too lazy to get up to change the channel. This is my cruel and unusual punishment.

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