Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shocking! A Discriminatory Policy in NASCAR

The fact that NASCAR is involved with a discriminatory policy probably comes as no surprise to many of you. However it wasn't enacted by NASCAR and it harms a group not used to oppression. NASCAR fans who attend races.

Tennessee passed the Non-Smoker Protection Act which bans smoking in public places such as arenas and racetracks. The result is that smoking is no longer allowed at Bristol Motor Speedway. That doesn't sit too well with racegoers.
"You can drink as much beer as you want and get in your car and drive home, but you can't come in here and smoke a cigarette," [Freddie] Lochner said Saturday, while waiting out a rain delay in the track's concourse. "Now, which would you rather have: A guy smoking a cigarette sitting next to you, or a guy who drunk all that beer driving down the road next to you?"
Cars can smoke but not people?? Well let's not be too harsh. Drunk gets you laid and makes you funny to your platonic and sexual mates. Secondhand cigarette smoke just gets in your eyes and causes cancer. It also interferes with the awesome smoke coming from the #3 car and incredible amounts of smoke coming from the other cars and race equipment at track level.

This does seem rather silly at a track when there are numerous other ways to kill yourself like getting in the way of flying debris or as Freddie said, getting hit by a drunk driver. One could also get cut real good by a ripped tall boy can. There's always the option of going as any other black guy besides Brad Daugherty. NASCAR ain't no joke.

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