Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What The Problem Is?

You say potato. Dan Quayle says potatoe. James Dolan says marked improvement. Anucha Browne Sanders says incompetent.

Former Knicks executive Sanders put Isiah, Dolan and the rest of the MSG crew on blast in the March issue of Elle Magazine.

“I’m not surprised [that MSG didn’t fire Isiah after her win in her lawsuit against MSG] because incompetence is rampant across the board at MSG and Cablevision. [Isiah] fits in pretty well then. They all deserve each other, Mills, Dolan, Isiah. Dolan is incompetent. Mills is incompetent. Isiah is incompetent. That’s why they’re at this point, that’s why there was a lawsuit, that’s why there was a trial, that’s why they allowed all their dirty laundry to be aired.”
Sanders continued on to say that NBA Commissioner David Stern is aware of Isiah’s reputation and will pressure the Knicks to do something about it after the season.

Clearly Sanders underestimates Dolan’s stubbornness and stupidity. Stern only cares about fixing playoff series and making sure players dress right.

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