Friday, March 7, 2008

Constituional Vol "Free Publicity"

I'll be up in Baltimore tonight at Rams Head Live on the Inner Harbor watching my sister's band Laredo do their thing at 8pm (doors at 7pm). Anyone who wants to help her out and show some support, do go and check them out and look for me wearing a black Laredo shirt. Go to their Myspace page and listen to their stuff, ya got 4 pretty sweet rock songs on their for your morning. It's Friday and a mostly slow "news" week comes to a virtual close but if Mustafa ever gets his internet fixed at home we might see some weekend posting here, so stay tuned. Until then...welcome to the Constitutional.
  • Here's a whole list of NFL players who have tried MMA Fighting. Bodog Life Fight Files

  • Chad Johnson took a swing at Marvin Lewis and hit him in the eye! DAMN! The Sporting Blog

  • John Gruden is caddying for John Daly...wonder if they go for drinks after? Fox Sports

  • Here's some photos of some athletes out in the real world. I hope this is a regular feature. EBSports Blog

  • Pat Riley stepping away to scout? What? Another year he won't coach for a full season...I wish I could step away from my job as often as he does.Sedano Show

  • Freshman wrestler takes people down...with one arm. Scott Van Pelt Style

  • Johnny Unitas will train children how to kill. I wish i thought of scanning these first. Kudos guys. Food Court Lunch

  • Former Yankee takes 'roids...but for the RIGHT reasons. Steroid Nation

  • Here's a Q&A for the upcoming Lebowskifest. Randball

  • Is there really an NBA ROY contest going on right now? Legend of Cecilio Guante

  • NBA Teams as TV Shows. With Malice

  • This is a "good" point. Introducing Liston

  • Really, what are the Jets thinking? Rumors And Rants

  • 11 ways the Favre retirement has been totally overblown. Epic Carnival

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