Friday, March 21, 2008

The Denver Broncos Are Broker Than Britney Spears

Don't tell Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen money don't matter. He's running low and needs all he can get. The Denver Post reports that the Broncos canned eight employees including the director of media relations and the manager of

Cost-cutting has been taking place for a while with three coaches being let go and replaced internally. In addition, players have been forced to eat gruel out of troughs and share jock straps.

Bowlen might want to consider asking head coach Mike Shanahan for a loan. He just sold his house for $16 million and "recently broke ground on a megamansion that will take a year to complete".

Specs on the old house?
It includes three Jacuzzis, an 80-square-foot steam room, a 108-square-foot sauna, a 2,299-square-foot heated garage, a 2,100-square-foot swimming pool, a 165-square-foot hot tub. It was built in 2000 and has slate mission tile on the roof.

Two buildings are on the land, one with three bedrooms and six fireplaces; the other with two bedrooms.
The new house will be 30,000 square feet. That's got to be a kick in the dick for Broncos employees who are worried about their jobs.

As if that wasn't odd enough, the land for the new home was previously owned by Janet Elway who received it from her divorce settlement with former Bronocs QB and Baltimore Colts destroyer John Elway. (Not like I'm still bitter or anything.) That has to be an awkward conversation at Bronco reunions.

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Anonymous said...

Nightmare fuel for Broncos Nation: The collective fan bases of Kansas City, San Diego and Oakland pool their cash and offer to buy the domain from Pat Bowlen.