Thursday, March 27, 2008

A New Way To Waste Time

A few month's back I did a post on the growing world of the Sports MMORPG, well a new game has emerged and seems to be somewhat interesting. Its called Goal Line Blitz and if you hadn't guessed from the name, its an American football simulation.

There are a couple ways you can actually play this. One way is that you can create your own player, stick him at any position, adjust his stats and add gear to him to make him better. Then, you sign with a team that gives you a contract offer (computer or user controlled) and then...well you sit back and watch your player accumulate stats.

I made a character for this simulation last week, LB Rocko Bronkowski who plays for the Spokane Angry Pirates...ARRRGH in the Canadian AAA Conference. So far, he's played in 2 games and has 15 tackles, so i'm happy about that. The sucky thing is that you have to wait 2 days for a game to be simulated...the rest of the time, you pretty much dont do anything. Makes it a bit boring i think, but i'm gonna see what happens.

The other way to play is that you buy a team, then you can run the team like any owner, setting prices for tickets and concessions, building your stadium, signing and releasing and trading players. That to me seems a bit more fun, but I haven't pony'ed up the cash to get it going. Yes, as with any good MMORPG you gotta spend some cash to have the real fun, but you can do it mostly for free..

If you want to sign up and check it out, you can use my referral link here or if you dont want to use me as a referer go ahead and use this link. It'l be interesting to see what features they add to the game as it is just in Beta form (as you can tell from the slow server speed) but I'll keep an eye on it and see if it is something us sports freaks actually want to play.

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