Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Constitutional Vol. "More Links Being Dumped"

College Tournaments are in full swing, Spring Training is warming up, NBA and NHL teams are jockeying for playoff position, its a good time to be a sports fan. Alas with all this stuff going on, we still need more things to post. Hence why you have this...welcome to the Constitutional.
  • Florida is losing spring training teams to Arizona at an alarming rate. Sun Sentinel

  • Brett Favre tribute editions of SI are flying off the shelves in Wisconsin. La Crosse Tribune

  • Drew Bledsoe is making wine in his retirement and is at peace with his time in the NFL. New York Times

  • Jeter opens his very own rehab center. MLB.com

  • Friday Night Lights is returning for a 3rd season (with requisite hot women pictures). Rumors and Rants

  • Isiah loves him some popcorn. Life In The Cell

  • Man U footballer is injured by a toilet stall door and other poor excuses for injuries in soccer. Fan IQ

  • I'm not sure why they emailed me this, but here's some of Maxim's hometown hotties in bikinis. Yea, i know its not sport, but they're actually quite hot. Maxim.com

  • The must read Legend of Cannonball Richards. On 205th

  • Want Tiger Woods to be your caddy? You can win it. Scott Van Pelt Style

  • Its Kobe Bryant Blog Day...i have no idea what this means but i'm interested to see what'l happen. With-Malice

  • In an effort to learn how to stop be bleeding before its too late, Matt Leinart is training to be an EMT. Hugging Harold Reynolds

  • The Buzz picks the Best & Worst football movies. End Zone Buzz

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