Friday, March 7, 2008

Hank Baskett Will Teach Your Children

Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Hank Baskett has found a way to keep himself busy this offseason, he'll be teaching a sociology of sport course at Clovis Community College. Despite having never taught any course in his life or even having a degree in sociology, Baskett was tapped to teach the course by the sociology department head Ruthie Hefner.
She said Baskett did not immediately sign up for the course, but spent time making sure he had the proper background to teach the class.

She said he picked out the textbook for the class, and she designed the curriculum around his particular experience.

“He spent about four or five months reading the topics,” she said. “And he started reading and deciding whether or not his credentials were a match.”

Man, who wouldn't want to pay money for a course taught by a football player with no credentials other than reading a book for four or five months...and playing football. I can't imagine why just 8 people have signed up for this 30 person course, this has got to be the easiest guaranteed "A" course in any school's history. That's even counting the African American Popular Music course I took at school where my final exam was a very bad play demonstrating my incredibly poor dancing abilities. Oh yea, that was money well spent.

The good news is that Eagles fans have a new nickname they can give Baskett...The Professor!

From CNJOnline

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