Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Excuse Me, Sir. Your Arse In A Sack

It's never a good idea to get shitfaced and start trouble when a rugby team is on the same flight. Don't believe us? Ask the assclown who found out the hard way on a Quantas flight.

South African rugby squad The Stormers were asked to get involved when a unruly, drunk passenger wouldn't simmer down on a flight from Sydney to Perth.
"He became extremely aggressive and abusive," team representative Frikkie Erasmus told the Cape Town Argus. "That's when one of the Stormers calmed him down with a good klap. It worked out quite well."
Why the hell do they spell klap with a k? Who knows. They probably have diplomatic immunity or something.

The passenger "remained in time-out mode" for the rest of the flight. We're guessing he was out like when KRS beat down the fat guy from PM Dawn. He was arrested upon the flight's arrival in Perth.

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