Friday, March 21, 2008

The Chicago Sun-Times Gets Played

It's not bad enough that the Chicago Sun-Times has one of the biggest douchebag hacks in the business. We're looking at you, Mariotti. They just got punked (merked if you're in England) by their rival, the Chicago Tribune.

The Sun-Times held a music video contest to protest the renaming of Wrigley Field by Tribune owner Sam Zell. Today college student Katie Hamilton was named the winner. The only problem is that she's also a Tribune intern.

Hamilton and a Tribune reporter posted a thank you video this morning aimed at the Sun Times and said they would donate the $1000 prize to charity. Anyone else that wants to donate was encouraged to send money to "Tribune Totally Wins the Sun-Times’s Music Video Contest".

Here's the winning video along with the thank you. Suck it, Mariotti.

The only thing better would have been a guest appearance by Ozzie Guillen threatening to choke out Mariotti if Zell sells the naming rights to anyone other than Elvis Hitler who owns the Inner Town or Gold Star.

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