Thursday, March 27, 2008

The World's Most Expensive Hunting License

A new law in Illinois forces "deadbeat dads" to pay their child support or else they cannot buy new hunting or fishing licenses. Apparently you just dont mess with a man's hunting license. One man paid $14,000 to his baby mama just so he didn't have to give up his favorite sport...thus making his hunting and fishing license the most expensive ever. The state so far has collected over $100,000 in child support payments through this program which really seems to work despite the deadbeat dads really not liking this turn of events:
[One deadbeat dad] isn’t happy about the turn of events, claiming the way the state works now, they’re in control of way too many things.

This is a pretty smart way to get those jackasses to pay what they should've been paying in the first place. If a guy is intent on not paying his child support he can get away with it pretty easy, might as well go after him where it really hurts. I wonder what else this can be extended to?



Anonymous said...

Child support is often unfair as working moms steal money from their ex husbands they don't need.

Anonymous said...

...Orrr in most cases the money goes to a child who actually needs it. Besides, if you have a kid you should support it regardless - working mums still have bills you know >_>

Anonymous said...

I agree that child support can be un-fair, but the majority of it really does go where it is needed. My ex pays me nothing and my boyfriends buddy pays too much. His ex-wife is getting over 300 dollars a week for their daughter and she brings home, from her job, 1300 a week. Tell me that is fair. This is a great way to get that support paid though.

Anonymous said...

Child support is a pretty necessary concept, but is so poorly executed that most people end up paying more than they can afford, or even need to. There isn't any way you can say that most of it goes to where it needs because so many people add extraneous bills so that they can recieve more in child support. I have 2 friends whose mom/dad recieves upwards of 4 grand a month in child support, and of neither of those friends ever sees that money put to use on them(which IS the purpose of child support). Its also the same in my family.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the money the child "never sees" goes toward bills that include food, rent/mortgage, electricity and water. While the kids may not get to go shopping for more crap they don't need, they are benefiting from the support payments.

Anonymous said...

Well, in the Iddeal, Shild Support is meant to be used to save money for things like collage, or make a nest age, or be used as a rainy day fund. It is quite difficult for a single parent to make enough money to save for these things.

Later when the child is applying to collages, they may require finacial aid. The university will messure the families income against all the other students that may require aid. They take into account how much the family is supposed to recive from Child support, but not how much they actually do. This can really screw things up for the child's education.