Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zero Tolerance Wants To Unload Its Logo On The Texans' Back

You know what's better than toast? Mo' toast and that's how I beat Larry Holm', Dabe Robenfeld.

Leave it to the MLS to introduce sponsors on jerseys in the US. It may be common everywhere else in the world but the top four professional leagues have managed to avoid advertising on jerseys until now. The NFL voted to allow teams to place sponsor logos on their practice jerseys back in March. Expect a bukkake-style explosion of ads before long as most teams will do anything to make a buck.

Zero Tolerance Entertainment thinks it can make the Houston Texans bend over for "several zeros" and place the company logo on their practice jerseys. Good luck with that. Zero Tolerance is best ... well, only known for porn. You can find all your favorites such as Jenna Haze, Courtney Cummz, Rebeca Linares and the almost legit Sasha Grey. We're not even going to link to their website but don't front like you don't know the address already. Fine, here's the NSFW link. We can't begin to tell you how NSFW this link is unless you work for Vivid. I just ordered Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck. It was a no-brainer once I heard Gene Shalit makes dirty mustache love to it.

It's safe to say the offer is a non-starter. The company issued a press release stating as much.
"Every team in the league starts the season by saying, that they’ll have Zero Tolerance for losing,” the company said. "While our offer may not be taken seriously, there is some undeniable synergy between the NFL and the name of our company."
Zero tolerance for what? Fun? Self-expression? The name seems more appropriate for the NFL than the company. We've seen plenty of Zero Tolerance offerings and it's pretty clear their talent will tolerate almost anything.

The Texans should do themselves a favor and consider the offer. The synergy between the Texans and the company starts and stops with the Sex Cannon. This could be a partnership for the ages especially barely 18.

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