Friday, July 17, 2009

Constitutional Vol. "We Need More Sports"

Its Friday ladies and gentlemen, not as prolific a week for us, but you really cant blame us, it was the slowest sports week of the year. THE WHOLE YEAR. Which means we should see what other creative types are posting today, to help spread the blogging love. Enjoy these links today...and welcome to the Constitutional. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @chimpanzeerage and @mredonkulous. Also, be a fan of our brand spanking new Facebook Page for the Deuce. We're gettin hip to the times here.
  • Our boy The Matador is all growns up, check out his breakdown of The Big East for this upcoming NCAA Season - The Matador

  • Skier is critically injured after falling off an escalator. Weird. - Sportress of Blogitude

  • Absolutely hilarious t-shirt. Great find. - Walkoff Walk

  • For you Redskins fans, they burned through another draft pick yesterday. - Mister Irrelevant

  • Dan Snyder's radio station is about to get destroyed. - Stet Sports

  • Is it Lamar Odom's agent's fault for not getting a deal done with LA? - With-Malice

  • And Amare Soudemire is losing his mind. - Major League Jerk

  • This is how bad Joba Chamberlin has been for the Yankees - Five Tool Tool

  • Ronaldo and Real Madrid not doing so well together. - Rumors And Rants

  • 5 reasons why Richard Jefferson left his woman at the altar. - The World of Isaac

  • Finally, we get political with this old footage of Bob Costas speaking out against current Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor. - Hugging Harold Reynolds

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