Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Wont ESPN Cover News?

By now, everyone should know the whole Ben Roethlisberger civil suit story, and if you dont go ahead and read this then come on back. Ok, now, everyone should also know that ESPN is purposefully not reporting on this news story, even releasing statements why they wont cover it, despite those statements being contradictory to what has been done by TWWL in the past. If you haven't seen this discussion, read here and even here then come on back. After reading all that, I am sickened but not surprised by ESPN's course of action here.

The utter arrogance on the network's part to decide what is and what is not news is inexcusable. It begs the question about what kind of racial bias the network has, it brings to mind what kinds of corporate biases the network has with all of its partnership deals with the very sports they cover and the advertisers they have, and it brings to mind whether or not the network should even be as huge and powerful as they are.

They have no problem reporting about a dead for over 2 weeks Steve McNair's blood alcohol content, for no reason whatsoever since he was the one who was murdered, but when the Super Bowl winning quarterback get sued for sexual assault, this is not considered news. When a former super bowl winning wide-receiver gets sued in a civil suit for injuries sustained during a shootout, ESPN was all over it...but not for Roethlisberger's sexual assault civil suit.

What gives? ESPN owes everyone a real explanation here. They dropped the ball. Big time. Especially considering that every other news establishment felt that this story was actual news.

Thank goodness I have (some of) my fellow bloggers there to give me the straight news, without the filters that ESPN seems to have. I've long since given up going to ESPN for news for various reasons, including those listed above, but obviously most of America has not and ESPN owes it to its viewers to report the news not through ESPN colored glasses.

Or hey, maybe ESPN is right and everyone is wrong. I mean, no one could possibly believe that Ben Roethlisberger would ever be out of control...right?

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Anonymous said...

The good news is that most people no longer watch SportsCenter, because at 9 am the news from last night is now old. ESPN doesn't understand this though, which is one reason they aren't reporting it.