Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pirates' Jack Wilson Sorry For Being Honest...and Correct

Pittsburgh Pirates' shortstop Jack Wilson might've gotten in a bit of trouble yesterday with his team, as he issued an apology to the management for saying that he was “beyond tired of such moves” in reference to the team's several, recent trades, including Tuesday's deal with the Washington Nationals which traded outfielder Nyjer Morgan and a pitcher for Lastings Milledge and a pitcher. Here's what he said after the trades went down:
“It’s tough for the guys who’ve been here and have seen these trades happen and absolutely do nothing,” Wilson said several hours after the deals were made. “I’ve seen these trades two or three times a year and we still haven’t had a winning season.”

That is pretty correct assertion on Jack's part isnt it? Pretty much every year, be it Jason Bay or Nate Mclouth or whomever, they trade away their good players for younger talent or lesser talent or both. Those trades only serve to keep salary down, talent level down and expectations low. Pirates are the definition of CHEAP. However, Jack had his mind changedchanged his mind the next day:

“Some of my comments were pretty harsh,” he said. “I definitely don’t want to be the guy who is butting heads with the organization or trying to cause any type of negativity, so I apologize."

“When you are here in the moment and you’re talking to guys and everyone is bummed out, you maybe lose your head a little bit and vent. A lot of the things I said, I thought about … and they were pretty inaccurate,” he said.

What? Really? What exactly was inaccurate about what he said? Jesus, what a stand up guy, considering that he didn't have to apologize at all and then just flat out saying he was wrong when the guy was completely right.

It makes me sad that he had to apologize, it is about time a player on the Pirates, that is universally respected, calls out the front office for who they really are. A bunch of cheap bastards that are only interested in maintaining a certain amount of profit at the cost of winning games.

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