Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Olympics Channel Coming To Bore You To Death

That is about the first thing I thought of when I read that the U.S.O.C. is going to try to start up an Olympics Channel with Comcast. How on earth can you base a channel off of an event that occurs every 4 years (well 2 years if you count the Winter Games) and you can't even broadcast the actual Olympic events because all the rights for it were bought by NBC.

ESPN Classics doesn't work and it re-broadcasts some of the best games ever from all sports, how on earth is this channel going to survive? Is it going to be an all shot put and discuss channel? I can only imagine the ultra-inspirational kind of Olympics Network original movies they'll make. There's gotta be hours upon hours of "Where are they now" and "Biography" type materials they're making...that will stop being interesting after they do Mary Lou Retton.

I'm really tryin to wrap my head around this, but the U.S.O.C. is not scared about the viability of the channel:
Peter Ueberroth, the former U.S.O.C. chairman, said on the call, “This network is dedicated to taking our 40 to 45 sports to the American public, to show what the youngsters are doing, what Olympians are doing as they qualify, and showing there are options besides the most popular sports.”

Bellingham added, “We have we have to speak to the values and ideals of the movement as the athletes follow their dreams.”

See, right there...what Ueberroth said...they aren't going to be broadcasting the most popular sports. How does one make money not doing what is popular? Riddle me this Ueberroth!?! My simple simian mind must not be able to understand this. Brilliant idea guys. Brilliant.

From New York Times

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