Friday, July 17, 2009

Antoine Walker is the Poor Man's Charles Barkley

Antoine Walker and Charles Barkley might have more in common than we think. Once thing we do know, besides their propensity to drive while under the influence, is that they both like to borrow insane amounts of money from casinos...and don't give a damn about paying that debt back on time. Walker was arrested yesterday at a Harrah's casino in Lake Tahoe yesterday for failing to pay back his markers by writing a string of bad checks to casinos...$1 million worth to be exact. Yea, that would make it a felony.

See, the thing about Chuck is, he had the money, he just took his sweet time to pay it back. Antoine apparently doesn't. This is a particularly stunning assumption since he has made about $100 million just in his NBA salaries alone. His spending might have set a new record in blowing through one's cash. I mean, unless you are Montgomery Brewster you have zero reason to burn your money that fast. None. One thing is certain however, Antoine Walker is the single worst gambler on the planet. Bar none. What on earth was he playing in there? Some bullshit Pai Gow Poker, War or some other crazy carnival game? Seriously, where were those 1-800-GAMBLER commercials when he needed them.

In any event, we might have a new title belt holder in the "Dumbest NBA Player" championships. Wait, I might've just thought of a new series on the Deuce. Thanks ' stupid bastard.

From Miami Herald

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Calvin Broadus said...

I always knew they had a lot in common...