Monday, July 6, 2009

Constitutional Vol. "3 Day Weekend Hangover"

Post holiday weekend come-down eh? Need a pick me up this Monday morning? How about some mf'ing links? Always brightens up my day! So enjoy these links today...and welcome to the Constitutional. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @chimpanzeerage and @mredonkulous. Also, be a fan of our brand spanking new Facebook Page for the Deuce. We're gettin hip to the times here.
  • Something we've all wondered, would Usain Bolt go to the NFL? - Ebony Bird

  • With-Malice breaks down the NBA offseason player movement. - With-Malice

  • Roger Federer won his 15th grand slam tournament and Nike was there with a tribute advertisement ready to go. Wonder how long this has been in the can? - FanIQ

  • Steve McNair classic footage on the George Michael Sports Machine. RIP Steve McNair. Great find by Jarrett Carter of Stet Sports and HBCU Sports blog. - HBCU Sports Blog

  • Speaking of Steve McNair, the question on a lot of people's minds is, is he a hall of famer? Was he before he was murdered? Larry Brown Sports

  • Top 10 most depressed fan bases...Washington Nationals are just #3? I want a recount. - Five Tool Tool

  • Top 40 Real Men of Genius commercials. Great collection I totally slept on on Thursday. - Epic Carnival

  • The perfect take on the post-Michael Jackson lovefest. Couldnt say it better. - Luol's Dong

  • Old but relevant...why the hell is Austin Kearns still a professional baseball player? DC Pro Sports Report

  • Remembering the not so great "Dinner Bell" Mel Turpin...I hate you, Bullets/Wizards front office of old for helping to ruin my childhood memories of NBA basketball - Truth About It

  • Sweedish soccer match interrupted by crazy woman on the pitch. - Sports Rubbish

  • Happy birthday to these ex-Redskins and Orioles. Anytime the name Todd Husak is mentioned, I think I have to stick it on the blog. - Fat Pickled

  • Bugs & Cranks give out their 1st half MLB awards - Bugs & Cranks

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