Monday, July 6, 2009

New Old Sport: Bicycle Polo

Polo itself is a pretty fun game...if you have a ton of money and a freaking animal to ride on. If you dont, well it pretty much sucks. Luckily, people have changed that with advent of Bicycle Polo. Here's the rules: You know that game polo? Well, its played on bikes now. THERE! Done! If you're in Washington DC, where I am, you should check out the DC Bike Polo site for info on games, in NYC check it out here and if you're elsewhere...we'll do a google search and find it for yourselves. All of us writers for the Deuce live in those cities.

Want to see a more fleshed out explaination of this? Watch on, the New York Times did a story on it a year ago. Yea, a year ago. That is how "hip" and "with it" we are with the kids these days.

Polo photo taken from Kev_Walsh's flickr.

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Anonymous said...

there is a Milwaukee site as well, though not much is played there yet, GO SCONNIE