Friday, July 17, 2009

Magic Johnson Remembers The Times But Not The Details

Magic Johnson's eulogy was one of the notable parts of Michael Jackson's memorial service. It wasn't his eloquence or lack thereof that made it memorable. Who knew Michael made Magic a better point guard? There was also the story about Michael stuffing himself with a bucket of KFC.

Bizarre yet sweet. Right? Not so much. It turns out Michael would have blown a famous bowl after Magic left. He had a bit of an issue with bulimia.
"Michael was bulimic. ... It hit me when Magic [Johnson] was talking about Michael sitting on the floor with him eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. ... Everyone thought that was a great thing at the memorial service, and it was. Only thing, what Magic -- and everyone else -- didn't realize: Michael then would have gone and thrown up all of that.

"He would down unbelievable amounts of things like KFC extra-crispy chicken -- like a whole family-size bucket by himself -- or a couple of large Domino's pizzas or two or three whole Marie Callender's pies ... and then go throw them up,'' a clear sign of bulimic behavior.
Bulimia ain't cool. Even when Magic try to do right, he do wrong just like the Magic Hour.

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