Friday, July 3, 2009

8 Crazy Moments In Japanese Baseball

What's more in the tradition of 4th of July than a mixing of Japanese and American culture? I mean, isn't that what the Nathan's Hot Dog Challenge is all about? No? Oh well, whatever. In keeping in this idea that we created, we've decided to pull together some of the craziest moments in Japanese baseball that we could find on the interwebs...we were just that bored.


1) In Japan, you can pitch backwards:

2)In Japan, this is the only way to charge the mound:

3)In Japan, pitchers will stand up to anyone...not really:

4)In Japan, even the shirts catch balls:

5)In Japan, people can fly:

6)In Japan, you run away from fights...not to them:

7)In Japan, people can hit balls on a rope...LITERALLY:

8)In Japan, you find out what happens when you pitch a ball with a bazooka:

1 comment:

Jeremy Brahm said...


#2 is actually from South Korea.

But you missed these.

Hichori Morimoto dressing as a conehead for the All-Star Game.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo stealing home during the All-Star Game in 2004.

Shinjo again in 2006 with a scrolling LED belt buckle in the All-Star Game. Making a diving catch in that game with it on.