Friday, July 10, 2009

Iverson Is A Sensitive Dude

This here is one interesting video to watch. I guess if you've been as persecuted as Allen Iverson has been throughout his high school, college and professional athletic career, you would become a pretty sensitive guy too. If you take as many shots as the Answer has, eventually you have to show a little pain as A.I. did in front of a group of students while discussing his scholarship program.

AI hasn't exactly tried to endear himself to mainstream (ie: white) America through his career and for that, I guess there is a price and burden to pay. There's no doubt he has paid steep prices for any of his past transgressions and doesn't get enough praise for the positive things he has done throughout his life. Of course all of this comes with the territory of being a multi-millionaire all-star NBA player, he chose the life, he has to accept all that comes with it, so sympathy from anyone, including me is a little hard to obtain.

All that being said, he is human and this is quite a glimpse at the "real" Allen Iverson that he so rarely shows to the public after being beaten up by it for so many years. Check it out below.

From Daily Press

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Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? Comparing himself to the sainted martyr Michael Jackson?