Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Racing And Nazis Go Together Like Peanuts And Gum

What is it with racing bosses and their obsession with Nazis? FIA head Max Mosley was videotaped in a Nazi themed orgy with five hookers last year. He was seen "giving orders in German as he [lashed] girls wearing mock death camp uniforms and [was] himself whipped until he bleeds". Oh his dad happened to be Oswald Mosley, a fascist who was down with Adolf Hitler.

Enter F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie, who's good friends with Mosley, goosestepped in it when he praised Hitler as a leader who "got things done". He also claimed that the dictator was "persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to or not".

Ecclestone's comments didn't go over too well as one might imagine. When informed that the World Jewish Congress didn't appreciate the Nazi love and wants him to resign, he manned up and doubled down.
'It's a pity [the World Jewish Congress] didn't sort the banks out,' he said. ' When asked to elaborate he countered: ' They have a lot of influence everywhere.'
Ist sie nicht wunderbar, Bernie. He finally issued an apology three days after his interview with the Times of London. Make of it what you will.
He insisted 'things were taken a little bit wrong' and his praise of the German tyrant was 'not what he meant' before adding: 'Those who don't know me think I support Hitler's atrocities; those who do know me have told me how unwise I was to articulate my points so badly that it should have been so widely misunderstood.

'During the 1930s Germany was facing an economic crisis but Hitler was able to rebuild the economy, building the autobahns and German industry.

'That was all I meant when I referred to him getting things done.

'I'm an admirer of good leadership, of politicians who stand by their convictions and tell the voters the truth.
The billionaire went on to praise Hitler again for turning a bankrupt country into a strong one and showing what someone can do if they "have the power and don't have to keep back and referring every five minutes". Bernie says compromise is for bitches. He then went on to say his boy Max Mosley would do a "super job" as prime minister. Yeesh. Who knew the Fourth Reich would start in auto racing?

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