Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JP Losman Has Given Up The Dream

This is just further proof that former Buffalo Bill J.P. Losman can't cut it in the NFL right here. The rumors were true, instead of holding out for a backup QB position in the big leagues, Losman has decided to sign with the Las Vegas UFL team coached by Jim Fassel. Here's his quote from the Seattle P.I.:
"I have followed J.P.'s career since his early days with Buffalo, where he impressed me with his raw talent, passing accuracy and on-field competitiveness," Fassel said. "J.P. has all the attributes of a great professional quarterback, and I am truly looking forward to working with him."

See how Fassel didnt say that he actually was a great quarterback, just that he had talent and attributes of a great quarterback? Pretty good with the words he is, also, pretty easy to be accurate when you havent thrown more than 200 balls in each of the last 2 years. Although I dunno what other attributes of a great QB he has other than actually being a quarterback. Fassel must have some keen eye that I don't have...which is why he's coaching in the UFL and not me I guess. Finally, you laugh like a damn girl JP! A GIRL! Ahem...well its true.

Next washed up QB to sign with the USFL? Everyone's money is on Sexy Rexy. He never disappoints...except when he always does.

From Seattle P.I.

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